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Areas of Service

Our 4 concentrated areas of serving our community start with the 2 generation approach to address a strong male presence with our Middle School age boys to establish leadership skills and then via parent engagement with a lens to include fathers. Lastly, to meet the men right where they are, to include the community and prisons to elevate responsible fatherhood via honor, encouragenent, accountability, reconciliation and training.



Connecting positive male role models, especially fathers into the education of a child is essential for the child's social and emotional development.

To focus on middle school boys to combat peer pressure, act of acceptance and lack of parental involvement and behavioral problems; with the aim to promote self-confidence, positive social behavior, greater resilience, healthy relationships and long-term academic success. 


Parent Engagement

Both parents have unique contributions to make, and their active participation is essential for the child's success to highlight the point that fathers bring a unique perspectives and experiences to their interactions with their children to compliment the mother's approach. 


Their engagement can stimulate critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity in children, contributing to enhanced cognitive development



Fail to plan, plan to fail. Over 50% recidivism occurs within the 1st year of a prisoner's release. Every individual has their unique set of circumstances, however developing and implementing comprehensive reentry programs with wrap around support to include job training, education, substance abuse treatment, mental health services and housing, supports ex-offenders for reintegration into society, reducing the likelihood of re-offending. 



Men coming together can contribute to resource sharing, business ventures, skill enhancement, innovative opportunities, and improved employability. 


Connecting with men, right where they are nurtures a sense of belonging, expands networks, and fosters mentoring relationships. It cultivates camaraderie, alleviates isolation, and encourages personal growth through supportive connection establishing a network of emotional support within the county.

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