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PROJECT l.o.v.e.

Youth Initiative - Leading the Legacy

La Paz

Preparing to step into the role of a father


Getting to the H.E.A.R.T. of Fathers

Dads strategic life plan

Training the heart to overcome distractions, disruptions and destructions



is ideal for in depth individual studies, small groups, men's ministries,
bible study and daddy cafes.


We are intentional to honor men that represents; faith, hope and love. As we believe here at Furthering Fathering that every leadership position is ultimately a Fatherhood position.

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dynamic daughters of distinction

Network to honor, encourage and share wisdom and concerns of women and dads with daughters

Dignity diner

Where dads learn how to prepare delicious, healthy and cost-effective meals, while creating memories
for their progeny.

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Safe space where dads/men can post and discuss good clean fun and information around Sports, Music, Arts, Recreation and Technology

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The Fatherly H.A.T. of a Prophet

HONOR – Speak up regardless…often the honor in being prophetic is delayed. A prophet may not have honor in his own home immediately. Dads need to be informed, discerning and steadfast in relaying truth, whether he feels they are listening, receiving or absorbing the wisdom or not. When applicable they will hearken or recall what you have shared. It may require hog pit cuisine to help the prodigals to think clearly; however, whether obedience and seriousness is immediate or stale-dated our kids are worth the investment.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Help create a relationship with forecasted truth for your child. Dad, do you study patterns in history…biblical, family, and your child? With great expectations, do you relay what GOD has said will happen, what is happening and the outcomes of wise or foolish action to your child? Are you praying specifically about your child’s future? How are we displaying faith and how relevant is GOD’s Word and promises in our homes? Do we honestly expect our children to meet their potential while obeying GOD?

TRAINING – A practical way to help our children picture a productive and honorable future is through prayer, watching the news together, doing a relaxed Bible Study and periodical vision-casting.  Be clear about GOD’s intentions, HIS boundaries and HIS empowerment. A dad taking every chance possible to encourage faith in his child is operating as a prophet.


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