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Men of Henry

For over a decade, Furthering Fathering has built a reputation of integrity and consistency working in the community elevating responsible fatherhood, youth leadership and parent engagement. The launch of the “Men of Henry County” initiative is aimed to empower men, strengthen families, and help transform communities and lead men on a journey of health, support, and growth.


“It is my sincere belief that every leadership position a man holds is ultimately a fatherhood position”, states Jeremy Maynard, CEO and Co-founder of Furthering Fathering. Furthering Fathering transcended nationwide by planting roots in Henry County, Georgia. Lamont Jones operates the Georgia office with a team of fatherhood experts.


The “Men of Henry County” Initiative will meet men at their personal needs while connecting them into an eco system of support. Registrants are connecting to Furthering Fathering for brotherhood and fellowship; however, also provided are leadership, marriage coaching, help navigating child support or filing a legitimation petition, and employment readiness.



In partnership with the office of Mayor Anthony Ford, Furthering Fathering will host its kickoff breakfast Saturday, September 23rd at 9am at the Merle Manders Center in Stockbridge, GA.

With the support of Mayor Ford, the initial focus will be a “Men’s Health Fair” in the City of Stockbridge and to raise Mental Health Awareness among men. A hallmark of every interactivity and event hosted by Furthering Fathering is to create opportunities and experiences for men in attendance to have a safe space to speak about life’s challenges in a safe and judgement free environment. “We grow at the speed of quality relationships and with more we can do more”, states Lamont Jones, CEO and Co-founder of Furthering Fathering.

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