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Dads Life Plan - "Training the heart and mind to power through"

starting at $399


  • This curriculum is developed and shared at Furthering Fathering’s Fatherhood Forums to strengthen fathers along their journey of fatherhood in a safe environment with like-minded men to share best practices, experiences both good and bad. Think of these training modules as the development of oneself to benefit multiple generations to come.   

  • The Furthering Fathering Corporation conducts life changing fatherhood forums, parenting classes as well as jumpstarts all designed to gather fathers, father-figures, role models and mentors to begin dialogue on the importance of an involved father, the strength of his involvement and the effects of his absence.  

  • This training includes: 

    • 20/20 Vision (positive perspective)​

    • Man in the Mirror (self assessment)

    • Facing Adversity

    • Anger Management

    • Mutual Respect / Co-parenting

    • Reset

    • Healthy Living

    • Financial Literacy & Money Matters

    • Legacy Minded

    • Strategic Life Plan 

  • We pride ourselves on creating a safe place for fathers to become better prepared, responsive and responsible parents and men; thus, The Furthering Fathering Corporation ultimately purposed to improve the state of each family served. We will also enhance the services of already established event-centered family and fatherhood organizations by allowing them to offer fatherhood training and fatherhood appreciation services in addition to their events. 

  • Dads Life Plan will cover a minimum of 10 workshops with the aim to empower the complete dad, around health, financial literacy, anger management, co-parenting and a few bonuses that speaks on family legacy. To nicely tie in each workshop, each dad will write out what their next steps will look like and when completed will produce a strategic life plan to empower multiple generations.


  • The curriculum can be taught within 10, 60-90 minute sessions

Curriculum Includes: 

  • 1 Facilitator's Manual with step by step instructions on how to facilitate each session and help stimulate thought and answers

  • 15 Workbooks given to each father to help them create a strategic life plan one step at a time

Initial Consultation:

  • Included is a 30 minute consultation from one of the developers to guide you on your journey

Technical Assistance

  • Receive 1 year of technical assistance and follow up to ensure program fidelity and to provide on-going support 

Added Cost:

  • An additional fee if you wish to have your sessions facilitated by Furthering Fathering, inquire during FREE consultation or via email: to secure your schedule.

*Ideal for small groups, fatherhood programs & engagement, men's ministry and fatherhood engagement at early learning centers.

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