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Father-Friendly Scorecard

Assess Your Organization's Engagement and Support for Dads


Organizational Culture and Leadership

Assesses the organization's values, leadership support, and mission statement regarding the active involvement of fathers. It examines whether the organization recognizes the importance of engaging fathers and whether there is a strong leadership commitment to promoting father-friendly initiatives.


Program Development and Delivery

Focuses on how the organization develops and delivers its programs and services. It evaluates whether the organization takes into account the specific needs and interests of fathers when creating new programs. It also assesses the accessibility and inclusivity of these programs for fathers and whether resources and materials provided are relevant and engaging for them.


Staff Training and Development

Examines the training and development opportunities provided to staff members. It assesses whether staff receive training on effectively engaging and supporting fathers, and whether there are policies in place to support staff in their efforts. It also evaluates the attitudes and behaviors of staff members towards fathers, ensuring a non-judgmental and inclusive approach.


Communication and Outreach

Focuses on the organization's communication strategies and outreach efforts to engage fathers. It assesses whether the organization uses inclusive language and imagery in its communication materials. It also evaluates the effectiveness of targeted outreach strategies to reach fathers and whether clear and accessible information about programs and services is provided to them.


Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

Examines the organization's commitment to evaluating its father-friendly initiatives and making continuous improvements. It assesses whether feedback from fathers is regularly collected to assess their satisfaction and needs. It also evaluates whether this feedback is utilized to make enhancements to programs and services. Additionally, it looks at whether the organization tracks and measures the impact of its father-friendly initiatives.



These sections provide a comprehensive assessment of different aspects of the organization's father-friendliness, enabling a thorough evaluation and identification of areas for improvement. By addressing each section, organizations can develop a holistic approach to creating a father-friendly environment and enhancing their support for fathers.

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