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Project L.O.V.E.

Furthering Fathering’s youth initiative Project L.O.V.E. is a leadership, integrity and maturity training aimed at cognitive elementary school aged children through opportunity youth aged children – (elementary through high school). L.O.V.E. is an acronym which stands for Leadership, Observation, Value and Empowerment also is the title of the 4 major modules and categories of focus. We are looking to be of benefit and enhance the future, home life and school culture of every participant.

We designed the L.O.V.E. Curriculum to train and encourage maturity. The goal is to uncover a future adult’s potential leadership, increase their focus and harness their drive by tapping into a life inspiring purpose, enhancing and discovering gifts, while training them in integrity, honor, accountability, time management, relationship management, etiquette, life skills and other best practices.

  • The Curriculum is 16 modules which introduces and provides a framework for future issue-oriented workshops. L.O.V.E. helps students to pursue their leadership goals by examining and implementing leadership skills within their school and/or broader community. This unit encourages students to interact with their local community and implement what they have learned by leading and mentoring others. To accomplish this, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills within an authentic learning environment by: identifying an issue, creating a plan of action to solve the issue, communicating their strategy with community stakeholders, and presenting their progress.

  • L.O.V.E. entails but is not limited to:

  • Learning the value of leading and serving with integrity

  • Vision-casting and developing a model for success

  • Strong use of technology both for research and presentation

  • Developing a world view based in cause and effect

  • Developing a value system and valuing relationships

  • Collaborative work that focuses on the betterment of others and community

  • Accountability based in honor and encouragement

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