Jeremy A. Maynard, New Yorker since a toddler by way of England and Germany, is a husband and father of four, a surrogate father, minister, spiritual father, author, transformational speaker, fatherhood coach and mentor. Jeremy is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of The Furthering Fathering Corporation. Fatherhood is his passion.

A military veteran of the United States Navy, Jeremy served in engineering aboard the USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 and is a magna cum laude graduate from St. John’s University. Mr. Maynard has spent close to two decades in information technology at many well noted corporations like First USA, Morgan Stanley, IBM, Deutsche Bank and the New York Stock Exchange.  He was also a special education social studies and reading teacher.

Jeremy co-facilitates monthly fatherhood workshops, where fathers are honored, encouraged, held accountable; reconcile issues and relationships via training. Mr. Maynard also administers and writes daily devotions and content for The Furthering Fathering Corporation on, Facebook and Twitter as well as the blogs Patriarchitecture – Fathering By Design, Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength and Omnispective Light.  Jeremy co-hosts a weekly talk show called Furthering Fathering Radio every Tuesday on Blog Talk Radio, iTunes Podcast, iHeart, Google Play and several additional digital platforms. He is also the co-author of 2 books, "The Mandate - God's Calling Towards a Father's Ultimate Purpose" and "Dads Life Plan", 2 curricula "Getting to the H.E.A.R.T. of Fathers" and Leading the Legacy as well as a free eBook download, "The 7 M's of Effective Fatherhood". Jeremy is the co-producer of Fatherhood Today which is an on demand channel documenting the involvement of black fathers in the lives of their children and promoting positive content to change the narrative and dismiss the myth regarding black fathers not involved in the lives of their children which is featured on FLiTV on multiple digital platforms. Fatherhood is his passion.