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Furthering Fathering Dignity Diner Events are a hands-on part of a larger vision to help dads win at home and empower families. One day the Dignity Diner Event will be the Dignity Restaurant a chain of nonprofit restaurants designed to serve as an alternative to the traditional soup kitchens, where legal, social, job and educational services can be included with a free gourmet meal in a fine dining setting.

That is the future but right now, many dads are either stay at home or non-custodial parents. Those dads need to learn how to prepare delicious, healthy and cost-effective meals, while creating memories for their progeny. Even men and dads that are the primary meal preparer at home will learn nutrition,
sanitation, cost effective food shopping and how to stretch quality into quantity so that the scrumptious meals last at least a week at Dignity Diner Events. We look forward our guest chefs sharing recipes on our future fatherhood podcast

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Dignity Diner

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