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Dad Strategic Life Plan

Be a man with a plan. Better yet be a man with a strategic life plan. Yeah, you need this. We all do. Success and failure in every area of life, including health, finances, parenting and problem solving are based in that quality of the strategy and execution of the plan. As men and dads, we must strategize wisely and plan effectively. Good strategies and plans rely on clear information.

The 12 module Furthering Fathering Program, Dads Strategic Life Plan, is way for dads to gain clarity by learning the expectations, collecting their thoughts, receiving the thoughts and wisdom of others and wisdom from GOD. The goal is training the heart to overcome distractions, disruptions and destructions.

INTRODUCTION (FYI – training the heart and mind to overcome distractions)
This curriculum is developed and shared at Furthering Fathering’s Fatherhood Forums to strengthen fathers along their journey of fatherhood in a safe environment with like-minded men to share best practices, experiences both good and bad. Think of these training modules as the development of oneself to benefit multiple generations to come.

The Furthering Fathering Corporation conducts life changing fatherhood forums, parenting classes as well as jumpstarts all designed to gather fathers, father-figures, role models and mentors to begin dialogue on the importance of an involved father, the strength of his involvement and the effects of his absence.

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