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The Mandate - God's Calling Towards a Father's Ultimate Purpose

The Mandate - God's Calling Towards a Father's Ultimate Purpose

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Foreword by Dr. Nyasha N. BrowneFathers have been given a mandate to uphold the family and the community. This commissioning comes with the divine grace and authority of God, our Heavenly Father. We are provided with a biblical representation of fatherhood through God’s very nature as a loving Father who supplies, protects, teaches, and leads. Faith in God’s ability to reveal Himself through us in these ways produces the inner strength required to be demonstrators of God’s character and uphold His standard of fatherly love —an unwavering love that focuses on giving rather than receiving. Men who assume the role of a father are often relied upon to impart this inner strength, even when the demand of carrying the weight of that responsibility seems too much to bear. The key to enduring the load is to first recognize that the weight was never meant to be carried alone. This book provides essential fathering principles for understanding how to uphold the family and extend the Father’s heart by tapping into the strength and wisdom of God......

  • The Mandate - God's Calling.....

    Written by Lamont Jones and Jeremy A. Maynard releasing the 11 chapter Mandate with its associated workbook based on 16 Biblical scriptures, designed to inform, encourage and empower leaders, fathers, book clubs, parenting groups, mentors, men’s ministries, single mothers, Bible studies, fathers-to-be and pastors. The statistics bear it out. The value and need for God-honoring, multi-generational-minded fatherhood cannot be overstated. So many frustrated people in society say in a resigned and matter-of-fact way that there is no book on parenting. Not true – parents are the book on parenting and the first learning style of children is observation. The Mandate: God’s Calling Towards a Father’s Ultimate Purpose will help to heighten the observation and focus of godly fatherhood. Each chapter, nugget and exercise is designed to encourage and admonish dads and leaders to honor God, their children and their future generations by parenting as God mandates


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