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Literacy Legacy



​We suggest and encourage reading – that is our suggested reading. The Furthering Fathering Program,
Literacy Legacy is designed to foster reading as a normal and multi-generational activity. Book clubs,
creative writing, public speaking and online reading guest reader workshops serve as the backdrop for
like-minded dads to build communities based in literacy. When a dad reads to his child, literacy is
established as important. When a dad listens to his child read aloud, vocabulary improves and the
courage to speak publicly is sparked. The space where literacy is embraced by families become an
empowerment zone 



Literacy Legacy provides students with guidance toward the development of:

·       skills in leadership,

·        team building,

·        literacy,

·        creative writing,

·        spoken word performance,

·        public speaking and

·        communication among generations.


  • (Call for details) 888.380.3370 or inquire here

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