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The Furthering Fathering Initiative La Paz is designed for expecting fathers to aid in in connection, planning and decision-making. It is designed to help create focus and reduce stress for the expecting fathers. Lamaze is great for couple for what to expect and the best things to do to create as much comfort for the expecting mother and couple as a team during the time of labor and birth. La Paz is designed to create comfort through forethought

What will an expected dad, a new dad or a young dad get out of this? Answer: Peace from Preparation

To actively and wisely coach during childbirth couples take Lamaze. To actively and wisely coach expecting dads, young dads to plan and create wholistic /all-encompassing peace for them, their progeny and their future generations we have developed La Paz – The Peace in Spanish Let’s discuss the 7 S’s of Preparation following the Genesis depiction of Creation; BABY

1. Survey A survey creates a reservoir of facts, opinions and relevant data to help inform wise decisions. Survey is about gaining wisdom and answering the who, what, where, when and why. WHY? We survey as dads is to learn how to plan a maneuver through the realities so that we can realize our Fathering hopes, expectations and begin to process the full process from sonship through fatherhood and onto a peaceful and joyful life as a grandfather and if so blessed with longevity a great-grandfather. We survey for generational impact.

2. Speak Love is prepared by what you say. The blessing to the child is communicated partially physically through meaningful touch such as hugs, kisses, handshakes, high fives, tickles, etc.; however, the major crux of the communicated blessing is verbal. WHY? Life and death are in the power of the tongue. What you say as a dad matters. Affirmation of naming and the words “I love you” are worth more than any present money can buy. Spoken words of belonging, communicating high expectations and vivid depiction of a special future and the continued verbal investment and encouragement of active commitment.

3. Separate Light from Darkness It’s not all good – what are you guiding your family to and protecting your family from. A sense of justice, fairness, righteousness and a premium of truth. WHY? Every decision is related to acceptance and expectations. We must set the gauge to be upright. Integrity is what causes things to stand while things shake and push against it.


4. Special Space You are responsible for the special space for you and your family to thrive in. WHY? You must create that space where there can be a breath of fresh air. That special physical environment that is safe, festive, encouraging and inspiring with relational boundaries, order, cleanliness and interpersonal discovery.


5. Supply Seed and Stock It is important to appreciate the process of provision, the nature of supply and investing. Appreciation is 3 things; thankfulness, awareness and an increase in value. WHY? When a dad appreciates, love is the process. Love is prepared. A father and husband’s love, encouragement, consistency and a plan for a bright future can create security simple by using our heads, hearts and hands intently.


6. Signs and Seasons Change is guaranteed and the universe is humongous, its vastness could create hopelessness or hopefulness. WHY? In a dad’s kingly prophetic role, he must become more aware of the big picture and know how to convey it – awareness begets safety. Potential big changes and opportunities must be foreseen and understood in order to move, be still, be patient or operate in urgency if need be.


7. Superintend with Spouse Lead with LOVE. Stewardship is about special care and passing it forward. WHY? We are designed for relationship


La Paz

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